2 Ways to Help Members

The CPWN board was busy this week and made two big changes to help our members during COVID.  Details for each are below.
    1- Pause on ALL membership billing procedures for May & June
    2- One-time CPWN grant for members needs

Billing Procedure Pause
CPWN is here to help and support you during this unprecedented difficult time.  The Board voted on Tuesday to temporarily pause all our billing procedures.  
    1- We will hold membership invoices for May and June and send them out in July. 
    2- If you have received an invoice and are unable to pay at this time, you will not receive another invoice until July and your membership will remain in good standing.   
    3- If other arrangements need to made past July, please email info@cpwnet.org when we resume billing procedures. 
    4- No memberships will be dropped at this time. 

One Time Grant
CPWN wants to help its members who are in immediate need of assistance for individual and personal needs during this difficult and unprecedented time.  CPWN has created a fund from which members can make a 1-time request of up to $500 for individual and personal needs, including, but not limited to, rent, groceries, utilities, gas, car payments, and medicines. We understand that anonymity is an important factor in asking for monies like this, which is why we will keep all requests confidential.  Each request shall detail the individual/personal needs and will be reviewed by the Executive Board of CPWN in an expeditious manner on a first-come, first-served basis. Awards will continue to be reviewed and granted until the grant is exhausted. While we understand that many of our members are business owners, this grant is exclusively for the purpose of helping those with immediate, personal needs and NOT business expenses.  This fund is available exclusively for current members of CPWN who are in good standing. Please send an email to info@CPWNet.org subject line CPWN Grant. (this email is managed by one person, emails will NOT be forwarded to the entire board, confidentiality will be upheld) 

CPWN has always been there to help our community and helping our Members is an extension of that care and service.