CPWN provides many opportunities for members to gather throughout the year.


Monthly Networking Meetings

The 2nd Tuesday of each month regular meetings to network are held.  Most are held from 11:30 a.m. to 1:30 p.m., although we shake it up a bit and offer a few at dinner and one per year at breakfast.  The meeting structure is to offer time for networking in a casual stetting, more detailed networking at each table , and often we add structured networking activities.  many meeting also include a speaker sharing information requested by our members to inspire excellence in business and in the community.   To register for our next event visit our CPWN Events Registration web page.


Happy Hours

Happy hours are held a few times throughout the year for added networking opportunities free to our members.  These events will be listed on our CPWN Calender . Registration is appreciated as the venues like to be prepared.


Committee Meetings

Our organization is run by volunteers and committees.  Please feel free to attend a committee meeting and join that committee.  We are better when we work together.  These events will be listed on our CPWN Calender.


Member Hosted Events

As a member added benefit we allow members to submit an event to be posted on our CPWN Calender.  Please submit your event on our CPWN Event Submission form.