Membership FAQ

1. Q.:  How do I become a member of CPWN?
    A:  Click here to complete a membership application, or contact the Membership Chair:  Jane Hardwick at 443-386-0709.

2. Q:  How are dues paid?
    A:  Dues are paid annually.  Members are invoiced each year on their one-year anniversary, and terms are net 30.

3. Q:  What are the benefits of becoming a member of CPWN?
    A:  Becoming a member of CPWN opens the door to a whole host of member benefits that support the group's mission of connection, collaboration and community.  As a member, you can take advantage of monthly networking meetings, get opportunities to meet other members, hear topical speakers on issues pertaining to women in business, and use our online communication tools to market your business to the membership.

4. Q:  When and where are your meetings held?
    A:  CPWN's monthly meetings are held the second Tuesday of each month.  Locations and times vary, because we try to accommodate the various schedules of our members to encourage participation in as many activities as possible.  Pre-registration for meetings and events is required by the Thursday prior to the event.  Walk-ins are accepted if space permits.

5.  Q:  What does CPWN do for the community?
    A:  CPWN has donated thousands of dollars to local non-profit organizations as a result of our fundraising efforts.  Our single largest fundraiser is our annual Fashion Show, which features local retail clothing and accessories modeled by CPWN members.  All proceeds from this event go back into the community to support organizations that focus on women in the workplace.

6. Q: Can I bring guests to CPWN events?
    A:  Yes!  Guests are always welcome, and you can register them when you do your own registration on the CPWN website.

7. Q:  Can I transfer my membership to someone else in my company or send a company representative?
    A:  No.  CPWN memberships are by individuals, not by company.  Memberships are non-transferable.  This means that as long as you are a dues-paying member, your membership is valid no matter where you work, but it covers only you, not any of your colleagues or employees. 

8. Q:  How do I get involved in activities?
    A:  CPWN is an all-volunteer organization, and we welcome any time you can devote to keeping the organization running!  There are several committees that you can join, including Events, Membership, Fashion Show, Website, Newsletter and Social Media.  If you have an expertise you'd like to share, or if you're looking to try something new, contact the chairperson of your committee.  Click here to access the contacts.

9. Q:  How will I promote my business with CPWN?
    A:  CPWN provides several opportunities for members to communicate to the group, including:
  • Sponsorship of monthly meetings
  • Member-to-member promotions online
  • Program ads and/or donations to Fashion Show
  • Monthly newsletter/Blog
  • Facebook page feature