COVID Policies

COVID Policies & Prevention Measures
  1. Registration
    1. COVID scripting will be on available on all information regarding events and registration.
    2. Members will be required to prepay for all events to limit surface contact between Members.
    3. Refunds will be issued if a Member needs to cancel.
  1. Screening
    1. Members attending a meeting will receive an email prior to the event (within 24 hours) containing screening questions.
    2. Members will be asked to stay home if they answer yes to any of the screening questions.  Full refund for the event will be given.    
  1. Event Procedures 
    1. Masks will be worn. Those without masks will be asked to obtain a mask before entering. No masks will be provided by CPWN.
    2. Members will be asked to social distance at check in and networking. 
    3. All events will be prepaid.
    4. Seating will be arranged with extra space and max of 4-6 people per table.
    5. When possible, events will be held outdoors. 
    6. Events will be held in person (at regular rates) and virtually (free until otherwise determined by the Board).