Hunker Down with Your Head Up! 3.18.2020

Hunker Down with Your Head Up! 
Thrive, Sustain and Build Momentum During the Corona Virus
Business, as we know it, has changed or stopped amid the Coronavirus pandemic.  Stress, anxiety, and fear can easily get out of hand.  Try to step back and look at the opportunities this presents.  That’s right, I said it—Let’s look at what is GOOD right now.  Today’s technology allows us to stay connected, despite physical limitations.   This is a time when we can focus on the things that never get done because we’re too busy.  We can also apply the three pillars of CPWN to our activities.  Here’s how:
  • Networking:  stay connected! Have coffee meetings via Facetime, Skype or Zoom or pick up the phone—HELLO—the telephone still works!
  • Plan for the future: all those meetings you do not have time to do because you are busy working, think about doing those now!
    • Call your financial planner to make the most of the market
    • Connect with your Accountant to plan for tax saving measures for 2020
    • Set up meetings for April and May, that way you can hit the ground running when we get the “all clear.”
  • In this time of uncertainty and panic—be the light, be the calm—don’t post information on social media that isn’t verified.  Everyone loves a story, but make sure the story is credible before sending it out.  Ask yourself—is this true, is this helpful?  Remember, peace and calm are contagious, too!  Spread them like crazy!
  • Business building:  yes, it seems strange to build in a time of downturn.  Take a cue from the financial planning world and stay the course.  Many financial planners are encouraging buying and building during this time.  How can you apply that philosophy to your business? 
    • Marketing: Plan your marketing strategy for the third and fourth quarters.  Planning for the future always gives you a feeling of hope!
    • Teambuilding:  plan an internet meeting with your team and conduct an in-service.  Cover topics that will help them be stronger team members and deliver a better product when we return to business as usual.  Brainstorm about what needs/opportunities are out there now for your business to serve.
    • Personal/Business Growth:  Amazon is still working; well maybe you need to do a digital book. Order, or download, a book that you never have time to read that focuses on personal or business growth. 
  • Personal/Family Time: Get outside and take a walk!  Walk your dog, your cat, your kids, your spouse!  Take a virtual walk with a friend---make a call, put in your earbuds, and soak in the sunshine “together!”  Break out the board games—maybe stay away from Twister!  Teach your kids to cook, sew, garden.   Get your kids to teach you about social media marketing and how to use some features on that new iPhone.  Hello Boomer!  Talk to empty nesters if your kids are making you want to pull your hair out—they’ll tell you to enjoy this time with your kids while you can.  It’s all about perspective!  Be present, as crazy as it might be!  And most of all, realize that This Too Shall Pass!
  • In this time of confusion and panic--be the light, be the calm.  Think about how you can help others that may not be as fortunate as you right now—seriously, could you spare a few rolls of toilet paper for the neighbor that didn’t beat the rush?