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View our previous newsletters below:
December 2007 Features: Fashion Show Recap; Annual Holiday Party; Fundraiser for Breast Cancer; Learn How to Say No; Taking Time for Yourself; Work/Life Balance.
November 2007 Features: Speaker Mark Wolkow, Harford County Bd of Education; Meeting Sponsor Melissa Barnickel; How to Step Out of the Business to Work on the Business; The Secret of my Success; Employee Recognition Ideas.
October 2007 Features: CPWN's 9th Annual Fashion Show; The Secret to Achieving Highly Effective Advertising; CPWN Events; Member News and Announcements; Techniques and Strategies to Enhance Your Marketing Efforts; Small Claim Actions; Best Business Questions.
September 2007 Features: September Meeting Speaker: Susan Reimer, Baltimore Sun; Meeting Sponsor Renee McNally, HR Solutions; President's Message; Member News and Announcements; Search Engine Optimization; The Value of a Server; Make Your Website Investment Worthwhile; Best Business Questions; Travel Safety.
August 2007 Features: Finding Time to Network; August Meeting Sponsor College of Notre Dame; Introducing Our Board Members; Best Business Questions: How Do You Fire a Client; New Features; Member News and Announcements; Fashion Show News
July 2007 Features: Meeting Speaker Lois Elkin, Advance Business Systems; Sponsor United Way; New Business Help; Business Startup Funding Ideas; SHERO Awards; SARC; Best Business Questions debut.
June 2007 Features: June Meeting Speaker: Carol Bowman - Harford Holistic Center • Feb Mtg Sponsor: Coral Landis – Allied-Phillips, Inc. • Presidents Message • Member News & Announcements • 10 Year Journey – A Cancer Survivor’s Story • 2007-2008 Slate of Board Nominees • AMC Garden Tour • Furry Friends Safety Tips
May 2007 May Meeting Sponsor: Andrea Kirk — Ameriprise Financial Services, Inc. Presidents Message • CPWN Meeting Calendar • Fashion Show 2007 • After dArc 2007 A Success • 10 Year Journey – A Survivor’s Story • Real Estate. Real Estate Real Estate. • What is a Signature Print? • Press Release From The Paint & Powder Club, Inc
April 2007 Features: Gary Eifried — EAI “Emergency Preparedness”, April Meeting Sponsor: Vicki McGraw, Mercantile Bank, Presidents Message, CPWN Meeting Calendar, Juice Fasting & Detoxification, Interior Design, Ready 2 Learn
March 2007 Features: March Meeting Speaker: Lorraine Jacobs - Vice President - Chase Street Properties• March Meeting Sponsor: Marge Pearce – A Polished Image• Presidents Message • CPWN Meeting Calendar • Member News & Announcements • NEW CPWN Message Board • Harford County Chamber of Commerce Scholarship Program• Cruising From Baltimore• Party Planning Tips for Any Occasion
February 2007 Features: February Meeting Speaker: Jim Richardson - Harford County Director of Economic Development • Feb Mtg Sponsor: Roxanne Simons – Mary Kay Cosmetics • Presidents Message • CPWN Meeting Calendar • Member News & Announcements • NEW CPWN Message Board • Ten Reasons to form a Strategic Business Alliance • Harford Leadership Academy seeks applicants • Maryland ~ A Women Friendly State, Economically Speaking
January 2007 Features: January Speaker Alex Wilson; Marge Pearce and Libby Plunkett, Charter Members; Tax Refund on Your Phone Bill;Keeping a Home Inventory; Member News and Announcements.
December 2006 Features: CPWN Annual Holiday Party!, Getting to Know...Kim Schmidt, Anna’s House Wish List, Tips to Survive the Holidays, Restaurant Review - The Tower, 2007 Gas Mileage Rates, Three CPWN Members Profiled in Governor’s Magazine
November 2006 Features: November Meeting Speaker: Melanie Parrish, Upper Chesapeake Healthlink, Meeting Sponsor: Mary Romeo, Coffee Coffee, 8th Annual CPWN Fashion Show, CPWN Charter Member Dr. Dahlia Hirsch, Getting to Know You...Melissa Heller Harbold, An Evening with the Former White House Chef
October 2006 Features: CPWN Annual Fall Fashion Show,
Heartbeat Showing, President’s Message, Member News & Announcements, Winter Squash Recipe, Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, Brides Against Breast Cancer
Getting to Know You...Marge Pearce, Charter Member Peggy Meyers, WINGS - Women’s Initiatives Next Generations
September 2006 Features: First Lady Kendel S. Ehrlich, Getting to Know Patty Desiderio and Vicki Mentzer, Member News, Service With a Smile, Website 101 For Small Businesses: Domain Names, Reverse Mortgages.

August 2006
Features: August Meeting: Networking!!, Suzanne Green - Meeting Sponsor, CPWN 10th Anniversary Gala Pics,
Charter Members Remember, MARYLAND SALES TAX HOLIDAY, Delicious Summer Recipes, Summer Reading, Tips for Preparing Your Child for The School Year.

July 2006
Features: July Meeting Guest Speaker: Dr. James LaCalle, Harford Community College, July Meeting Sponsor: Angela Mazza, Maryland Cosmetic Laser Institute, President’s Message, Member News & Announcements, Gala Photos.

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