Who do I choose to be during COVID- 19?

Who do I choose to be during COVID- 19?

Maybe you have seen this posted somewhere already.  No, I did not make this, but I think it is a good tool.  We do not get to choose our circumstances, but we can choose our reaction.  If you have children, you had to teach them this when they were very young and like a lot of those lessons, sometimes when we are adults, we need a reminder.  This is a VERY stressful time.  I am not going to minimize the impact this is having for many of you, but Who Do You Choose to Be?

Now there is no judgment if you are currently in the fear zone.  This is a natural reaction during this time especially if you own a business that is seeing a decline, your business is closed, or you are an employee who has been furloughed.  

Some of you have either moved into the learning zone or started there.  You may see that COVID is short-lived and that it is a bump in your road to success.  Others of you are in the growth zone.  Where you are using this time to build relationships, build systems, build marketing plans.  Think of it as a ramp-up stage so when we can resume to business as usual, you can hit the ground running.  

Please use the graphic to see what zone you are currently living in.  Set goals for the next days to weeks that will help you move into the next zone.  Set daily tasks to accomplish your goals in the coming weeks.  Find resources to keep you motivated and to keep your mindset focus on learning and growth.  Those resources may be mediation, books, workshops, or people.  Yes, people.  CPWN is built on being a resource when women in business need it.

I encourage you to reach out to other members.
   How are they coping?
   What are they doing to look to the future?
   Can these ideas help you? 
   Can you help them? 
Together we can choose to be better.  Like any big obstacle in our lives, this is hard.  This is unprecedented.  We could not have planned for this.  But how can we get through this so that in 5 years we see that it was just a bump in our road or that we came out stronger in the end?