Core Values Activity

Core Values & How to Deliver Them
The most successful companies, when asked about their success, all attribute it to having a common purpose throughout the workforce and that common purpose focuses on the company’s core values.  Whether you do this as a team or just you, how can you use core values to deliver a wow product or experience?
  1. What is important to you? Circle any words below that resonate with you.  (See the list below)
  2. Simply – first cross out repeats, then cross out the least important to you until you get it down to 4 words.  The order is not important. You can use multiple words or phrases for each core value. You may find that you can group similar words together. 
  3. Define actions that exhibit the core value- How can you show this core value? Define behaviors that will show or demonstrate the core value.  
  4. Delivering Core Values: 3 ways to deliver customer service Staff, Setting, and Systems.  How does your staff, setting, and systems deliver each of the core values?
            Core Value ______________________
  • Staff members deliver _______________ (fill in core value) by __________________________________________________
  • Our setting delivers _______________ (fill in core value) by __________________________________________________
  • Our systems deliver _______________ (fill in core value) by __________________________________________________